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Welcome to Melbourne Cheap Rubbish Removal's specialized fridge and freezer removal services. We understand the challenges and risks associated with handling these bulky appliances. Our professional team is here to provide efficient and safe waste removal solutions, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our customers.

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Importance of Professional Fridge & Freezer Removal

  • Safety and risk avoidance
  • Professional removal ensures the proper handling of heavy and potentially hazardous appliances, minimizing the risk of injuries or property damage.
  • Environmental responsibility
  • By choosing professional services, you contribute to responsible waste management and the proper disposal or recycling of fridge and freezer components.
  • Time and convenience
  • Our team’s expertise and resources allow for a smooth and swift removal process, saving you time and effort.

Our Fridge & Freezer Removal Process

  • Our team evaluates the scope of the removal, considers logistics, and plans the most efficient approach.

  • We safely disconnect the appliances from power sources and prepare them for removal.

  • Our professionals utilize specialized equipment and techniques to lift and transport fridges and freezers safely.

  • We ensure responsible disposal or recycling of fridge and freezer components, adhering to environmental regulations.

  • Our team is trained in proper lifting methods to prevent injuries and property damage during the removal process.

  • We use secure techniques to transport fridges and freezers, minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding areas.

  • We prioritize environmentally friendly disposal methods, recycling materials whenever possible to reduce landfill waste.

Safe Handling and Disposal Practices

Residential and Commercial Fridge & Freezer Removal

  • Residental

    We cater to homeowners who need their old, non-functional, or replaced fridges and freezers removed from their premises.

  • Commercial

    Our services extend to businesses, including restaurants, grocery stores, and hotels, requiring professional removal of commercial-grade fridges and freezers.

Why Choose Us

Benefits of Choosing Us

Expert Team

Specialized, efficient, reliable fridge and freezer removal.


Safety prioritized, property protection, team member safety.


Commitment, responsible disposal, sustainable future.


Prompt removal, flexible scheduling, meeting your needs.


Competitive pricing, Great deal, customer value, investment.

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